Jewelry Hacks That Every Girl Should Know

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Undoubtedly, we all women love wearing jewelry and at the same time, sometimes we feel it difficult to manage, organize, clean or customize our adornments. So, here we have something amazing for you in-store, few jewelry hacks that will surely make it smooth to go with your jewelry and will surely save your heart from breaking.

  1.  Care for your Best friends! We cannot gainsay the fact that diamonds are a woman’s best friends and indeed cost us a fortune while buying.  They need the utmost care, love, and protection. One of the best glittering hacks for cleaning your diamond necklaces or rings is to take  ¼ cup of ammonia along with warm water. Mix them up and dip your beautiful diamond necklaces and rings in the solution for about 15-20 minutes. After that, clean them us using a toothbrush.

 They are likely to fall off because of their claw settings, hence make sure that you check them regularly and if needed, get them fixed. Not to mention, avoid exposing your best friends to heat as it may fade their beauty.

  1. Want to Untangle the Tangled Chains? This is the most annoying thing one comes across frequently. Here we have a sexy idea to quickly sort the tangled gold and silver chain. All you need is a bowl and some baby powder. Put enough powder into the bowl; keep your delicate chains in the bowl. Start tugging the tangles and see the miracle in no time. They will easily get entwined and sorted.


  1. Gold is not as delicate and soft as silver yet it also needs additional care else it may lose its luster. To make sure that its shine sustains for a longer period, clean your gold ornaments like Gold rings, Gold plated chains and necklaces with detergent and lukewarm water at least once in a month. Don’t look for things like Chlorine or ammonia as they are too harsh for your delicates. However, Vinegar is still trustworthy for cleaning purposes.

It may seem strange to you but beer can marvelously work for cleaning the dirt out of your gold jewelry. Just dip it for 10-15 minutes in the beer and see how it shines like a new one.

  1. Stuck with a finger ring? Well, it is a common issue that can be resolved by applying Windex on the ring in the finger. This will help in shrinking the skin and you will be able to remove the ring easily. But some metals can react with Windex so always use it underside the ring first to save your metal ring from getting destroyed.

You can even utilize a glass cleaning splash like Colin on your finger. It will recoil the skin and you can without much of a stretch take the ring off at that point. Just ensure there are no cuts on the skin as the open may skin may feel the sting of the synthetic substances when splashed.

  1. It pisses you off when costume jewelry shows their true color? However, prevention is always better than disappointment therefore; apply a coat of clear nail polish on the piece of jewelry as you would on your nails. Let it dry completely. Then good to go! Wear them. This hack will save your ornaments from coming in contact with air.

Not to overlook, nail paints can help you in getting rid of your old mundane jewelry as you can easily give rhinestones a makeover using various nail paint colors.

  1. Want to customize your old plain chain? There is a simple technique to make it accentuate. Just slide any of your favorite rings into the chain and wear it as a pendant. This will go blast with your jeans and fav top.

Wrap up

Last but not the least; store all your precious ornaments separately to increase their shelf life.

So here we are for you to share some helpful gems hacks that can come in convenient once in a while. To assist you with finding a technique to the frenzy, I hope this rundown of helpful dandy tips to clean, store, and repurpose your old gems proves beneficial for you.

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