Men and Jewellery- a Grey Area

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Whether its men or fair sex, Jewelry has always been symbolic of love, tradition, luck or status and having a bad taste in jewelry can make all these things worst.   But when it comes to jewelry, why should girls have all the jewelry fun?

 There was a time when men used to stay away from the thought of jewelry but in today’s era, there has been an attitudinal change and men are being noticed, adopting other means of accessories to make a bold statement.

 We have brought 5 jewelry ideas for men in 2020 for an altogether different look.

  1. Men designer chains and necklaces- No matter you need a simple one or a sparkly one; everything is there on the table to serve the purpose. Online sites and markets are flooded with numerous gold-plated chains and necklaces. If you are in your thirties, necklaces can prove to a gorgeous accessory for you. Avoid looking for leather ones, instead one can also look for Gold Plated Alloy Chains for wearing jeans and shirts on a regular basis.


Chains For Men


Make sure your daily wear should be medium length chains.  One can also go with the idea of adding a pendant to the chain to carry the energy. Pendants show one’s personality, strength, and likings. Therefore, your pendant could be the logo of your favorite football team or a sword pendant or a religious pendant.

  1. Designer Men Bracelets- When it comes to men and women bracelets, you will notice huge differences in their wrist adornment. Women bracelets usually have those beautiful charms hanging however, then men gold plated bracelets don’t have such hanging pendants.

If you need a bracelet to stay closer to the almighty and want to add a hint of spiritual inclination, one can look for Rudraksha Shiva Trishul Designer Kada Bracelet for Men/Boys or Rudraksha Gold Plated Bracelet for Men. Such bracelets not only solve the religious purposes but also add a touch of power to your overall appearance.  Unlike necklaces, bracelets go with every age group.  Be it David Beckham’s bracelets or Salman khan’s, it is evident that the men’s Bracelet jewelry is flourishing day by day.


  1. Watches- Since time immemorial, watches have been playing a crucial role in making men look more stylish. Also, when it comes to watches, there are infinite options available both online and offline. Men usually invest differently in their daily wears and designer watches because if worn correctly, watches can over shine the overall personality. Keeping this 21st-century mind, one can go for smartwatches also with bolder colorful bands. Make sure you don’t wear a watch on the hand that you usually use for writing.


  1. Rings- Don’t just think about married men wearing rings to show their commitment, even the bachelors look for rings nowadays. Be it silver, gold, platinum or other metal, single band rings perfectly fit the bills for every man.


  1. Cufflinks- One of the elegant accessories and a personification, a boy could go for complete the authentic formal wear look. Cufflinks can be simple or designer based on one’s inclination. Whatever the case is, cufflinks always make you look perfectly out of the box. The charm of luxury combined with elegance and creativity; Cufflinks are the favorite of every man.

Wrap up

Most of the mentioned won’t cost you a fortune but will add a decent touch to your outlook.  However, the main rule is whatever you wear, how many you wear, make sure the metals match to compliment your look. And the best thing about jewelry is that you can wear them again and again with different styles. Remember every detail you wear delivers a message.

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