About us


CHARMS is a unique manufacturer of fashion jewelry that is exclusive and handcrafted to the best point of achievable satisfaction. We here at Charms love to create accessories for India's fashion lover population of men and women. We try to maintain superior quality in all our products so that our customers never disregard their purchase.

We believe that to look gorgeous is everyone's birthright. Our team of skilled workers always thinks about the enhancement in the overall outlook you are going to have while wearing our products.

Our commitment is not only to deliver quality products to our customers but also make sure that the product reaches to the customers at the right time.

All our fashion accessories and jewelry pass a strict quality check before it reaches the retail stores or be it at the online outlets in that case. Another reason that assures is skin friendly for our customers.

Also, the affordable pricing of all our products makes them an ideal gift item.

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Charms started up with their business from late 2015. The first years of Charms witnessed consistent growth in product demands throughout all the leading e-commerce store.

Since the first day, our top priority has been to provide all our customers with unique fashion accessories that fancy the fashion desires of men and women of all age groups.

All our jewelry is a work of hand-craft and the material incorporated are totally skin friendly and anti-allergic.

Our vision is to serve the best fashion jewelry for the ones looking for accessories that make their overall outlook appear attractive.

Since our inception, we have been looking forward to crafting unique fashion jewelry which stands out from the rest and holds everything that takes to make it the most happening accessories around.

In the past some years, we have shared our vision throughout the country to achieve happy customers who thoroughly love our products.


Amazon Store Link: http:www.amazon.in/charms